AXA Insurance



6 months 3800 Kč
11 months 6950 Kč
12 months 7500 Kč
24 months 14500 Kč

Kids (1-5 y/o)

6 months 5100 Kč
11 months 9350 Kč
12 months 10200 Kč
24 months 20400 Kč

6-18 y/o

6 months 4000 Kč
11 months 7350 Kč
12 months 8000 Kč
24 months 15300 Kč



up to 1.6 million czk

for Czech visa application


insurance prices

* Fulfils conditions and requirements for Czech visa application and temporary residency (the Czech Law par. 1 of the Act No. 326/1999 Coll.,)


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* Have you been or are you currently being treated for or have you been diagnosed with any of the following diseases, injuries or conditions, such as:
Tuberculosis, HIV, AIDS, diseases of the pancreas, cholecystitis, gallstones, bronchiole asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, icterus, hepatic cirrhosis, hepatic insufficiency, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Meniere's disease, peripheral vascular disease, thrombosis (thrombophlebitis) in leg veins, cataracts, glaucoma, detachment of the retina of the eye, corneal burns, kidney failure, kidney stones, diabetes treated with medication or insulin, permanent disability, mental illness, dependence on medication, alcohol or other addictive substances and cancerous diseases that required hospitalization or surgery in the past?