6 months – 3800 Kč
12 months – 7500 Kč

3 months – 2300 Kč
6 months – 4600 Kč
12 months – 9400 Kč

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6 months – 8400 Kč
12 months – 15 850 Kč
24 months – 28 050 Kč

About us

Smart people use smart watches. But people that are really smart, are going with Smart Insurance! Did you know that when you order your policy, within 5 minutes and we will be right at your doorsteps within an hour for delivery? Frankly, we take into account the value of your time to ensure you don’t spend it on your long journeys and making appointments with brokers in a different part of City that you may not be sure of!

We know, that you are a smart person already, so let us tell you something: Smart Insurance provides different types of comprehensive health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic since 2013. We offer convenient services and easy delivery of your contract policy. That”s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

And there is something more! These Health insurance plans we are offering covers all your medical examination costs including acute health problems and also fulfils conditions of Czech visa application requirements and temporary residency ( According to Czech law. 1 of the Act No. 326/1999 Coll.,)

Our license of insurance broker No. 236417PPZ issued by the Central Bank of the Czech The Republic.

Czech visa health insurance

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